Version Control

Robust version control

Robust Version Control

We use Git version controlling system to track and control versions of our software projects.

What is Version Control?

Version Control, also known as Revision Control and Source Control, is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, web sites or just about any collection of information. Version Control systems are essential for any form of distributed, collaborative development.

Following the Agile Software Development model, we work on the principle of small and frequent changes made to the system to continuously progress towards the final product. When multiple team members are working with short and frequent changes, it is highly important to track the changes made to a system.

Using Version Control, every change made to the system is tracked, along with who made the change, why they made it, and references to the problems fixed, or enhancements introduced, by the change. Along with this it is also possible to revert back any particular change made to the system, or to compare the versions of any feature or section at any given date and any previous date.

Why version control is important

Drawbacks of not using version control

Version Controlling allows us to have a well-managed software delivery system by solving several problems that plague the organizations that do not follow Version Control, such as –

Manual back up is human dependent. If a person forgets to back up an important file and it gets damaged, that is a step backwards.

Without Version Control it is impossible to work in a team environment where multiple people are contributing towards the final solution – members can easily overwrite each other's work without knowing.

When a fault appears in the software due to an upgrade, it is difficult to revert back to the last working copy, unless manual back up is done at every step, which cannot be relied upon.

If a fault appears in the system, there is no accountability, because there is no track as to who made that change, and it completely defeats any attempt at due diligence of the software source before release.

Private and secure Git servers for your project

We make use of our privately and securely hosted GIT version control server to control the versioning of all our projects. This system is connected with our backend software delivery system, to which all of our clients are given access.

You are instantly notified when a change is made to the system, together with notification of what bugs were fixed with this change or what new features were introduced. This helps you to be constantly on the same page with the development team regarding the progress and status of the projects, and provide feedback, if necessary.

Since all our software is controlled by the Git Version Controlling system, we are able to efficiently manage the different versions of the software, without running into the issues mentioned above, thus reducing wastage of time, and ensuring a well managed solution of superior quality.


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