User Interface Design

The importance of interface

A great user experience creates the difference between software that just runs and software that users love.

User interface design is one of the most important aspects of any software application development – be it web portals, websites, web applications, or mobile apps. In fact, as far as the end user is concerned, the interface is the software.

Everyone visits websites or uses a software application for a specific purpose - it can be to gain information, or to perform some task, or maybe for entertainment. Whatever be the purpose, it is the interface which allows the user to connect to the underlying technology, which allows him/her to fulfill that purpose.

Good ui vs bad ui

The interface plays an extremely vital role in allowing the users (humans) to interact with the machine (computers and other devices), and perform some useful action. Good user interface design is the art of making that interaction effortless, pleasing, and satisfying for the user.

In simpler terms, a good user interface can be compared to a good help desk executive, who helps the visitor find a solution easily – it is a pain when we have to deal with a bad executive who is rude, or incapable of helping the visitor.

While designing the interface, we keep in mind the target audience, and what the interface is going to help achieve. We put immense focus to make sure that our solutions do not simply “work” in the theoretical sense, but can also be used effortlessly and help the user, like a good help desk executive. This ensures that our solutions can effectively help your business do better, by making it easier for your employees to perform a task, and a pleasure for your end-users to avail your products and services.


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