Vehicle design and prototyping

Automotive designers can use AR to create virtual prototypes of vehicles, allowing them to test and iterate designs before building physical models.

Virtual Test Drive

Augmented Reality(AR) can be used to create virtual test drives of cars, allowing customers to see how the car performs and handles in different environments without having to leave the dealership.

Driver assistance

AR can be integrated into vehicles to provide real-time information and guidance to drivers, such as navigation, traffic alerts, and blind spot warnings.

Sales and marketing

Automotive companies can use AR to create virtual showrooms and test drive experiences, allowing customers to explore and interact with vehicles in a realistic, immersive way.


Automotive companies can use AR to train employees on the assembly and maintenance of vehicles in a safe and efficient manner.

Maintenance and repair

Augmented reality can be used to provide step-by-step instructions and guidance for technicians performing maintenance and repairs on vehicles.

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