Requirement Analysis

We always analyze your software requirements before trying to provide a solution

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If you are reading this article, then in all likelihood you are here because you need something. It could be a new website for your business, an e-commerce store, or a mobile app that teaches monkeys how to make coffee. Whatever it is, what is important here is that you are here with a requirement, or an idea, that needs to be fulfilled.

Therefore, when you come to us for a solution, we always start with the problem, or the requirement, and spend a considerable amount of time discussing the details with you, because only by understanding that fully can we make a solution that addresses the needs of your business.

Here's what happens before our software development process starts

Your Idea

Your Idea

You tell us about your requirements in brief by contacting us via email, chat or phone.


We Brainstorm

We go through your requirements, ask for clarifications, and get an idea of your project.

Meet and Discuss

Meet and Discuss

We meet you for session(s) to discuss your project, various solution options, and what your business needs.

Our Proposal

Our Proposal

We provide you with project proposals of one or more solutions and pricing plans based on your project's requirements.

No Canned Responses

We would never give you a canned response or try to push a sale unless what we are offering would really help your business. We know and understand how much you hate it when sales people try to morph your problem into a solution they already have, rather than it being the other way around.


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