Quality Control

Quality Control Checks

As an organization, we always strive to develop solutions for you which are of high quality, through extensive quality control checks.

When we talk about a high quality solution, we mean -

that the software covers all its business requirements.

the software does not lack any essential feature which can stop it from being useful.

all the features developed work flawlessly, as expected, in various situations.

the software's user interface is intuitive and easy to use by the end users.

the software follows generally accepted quality standards, like being flexible and scalable.

the software is secure, with low risk of data compromise and unauthorized access.

A software delivered without these quality assurances is as good as software not delivered, because it fails to be useful for the intended users.

Quality Control

We prepare a defined standards guideline to measure the quality of the deliverables of your project

When starting any project, we discuss with you the requirements and quality guidelines for the project. With your collaboration, we prepare a quality standards document for the project, which defines what is expected from the software, what standards to follow, and by which yardstick we shall measure the quality of the software. This leads us to prepare the test cases for the software.

Our development team follows the quality assurance guideline to ensure that your project is developed properly

When the developers start working on the project, they have this quality assurance guide available to them, and they ensure that the development is done according to this guide. Once every iteration or module of the project is completed, our internal quality control team checks the deliverables to identify defects and ensure that the deliverables conform to the quality standards defined. We perform various kinds of tests, both manual and automated, to identify defects in the software.We release a module to you for testing and delivery only when the release conforms to the quality standards as per our internal checks.

When you get the delivery, the product is well tested and does not suffer from silly issues

Our quality control checks ensure that we do not convert you into an alpha tester, and you do not have to waste precious time identifying problems with the solution. The software delivery process is painless and of a high quality.


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