Badmoji is fun emoticon app, with a “devil” is twist to the conventional yellow version. Its a spinoff featuring two characters - Nasty Nate and Naughty Naomi - the male and female version of the devilish emoticons with a set of fresh, naughty and hilarious poses suited for general occasions as well as holidays.

The Challenge

  • Develop a twist on the conventional emoticon art style for a ‘devilish’ version
  • Develop library system for delivering ever increasing emoticons
  • Generate a customised keyboard for ease of use of the app

The Solution

  • Develop a new emoticon art style with a ‘devilish’ twist
  • Developed a system with auto updates and syncing to make available new emoticons to the users whenever they are published
  • Developed a custom keyboard for android/iOS and also a iCloud Messenger pack for easy integration in android and iOS ecosystem

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