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Communicate, track progress & provide feedback, any time

We value the constant communication between the stakeholders and the software delivery team.This is why, when you are working with us, we provide you an account in our software development backend portal where you may log in to know everything about your projects. The portal offers a lot of features and benefits, some of which are discussed below.

Requirement specifications Project time tracking

Requirement specifications

Your business requirements are documented, prototyped, and broken down into smaller functional bits for the development team to work on. You are encouraged to actively participate in this process. You directly interact with the delivery team using the online commenting system, whereby the team can add comments to ask questions for clarifications or make observation, and you get immediate email notifications of these messages. You can respond to the team's questions, point out mistakes in prototypes and ask them to be rectified. In this way, the requirements are specified in a collaborative manner to ensure that we develop a solution that truly matches your requirements, and expectations.

Requirement specifications Project time tracking

Project time tracking

You may log in to the online portal any time and check the progress of your project. The individual features of the software are grouped together into iterations, and we keep track of how many iterations have been completed, and what the status of the current iteration is. After each iteration, the team notes the number of requirements it has finished, and how much of the original requirement is achieved. This helps all parties to track the progress and judge the expected time required for the software release.

Requirement specifications Project time tracking

Testing and feedback

After each iteration, the progress is reviewed and tested not by the delivery team alone but they are also demonstrated to you (and other stakeholders) as well. Defects and required modifications are noted and tickets are raised to handle these according to their priority. You are constantly kept aware of the state of the tickets – you get instant email notifications when the team wants more clarification regarding a ticket or when a ticket is solved or closed by the developer. You can also interact with the team directly via this system by providing feedback, or clarifying their requirement.

Requirement specifications Project time tracking

Software progress demonstration

You do not need to wait for the team to arrange a demonstration to show the progress in development. The demonstration files are always available to the client via the web URL and the current status of development and resolving of issues is always available for the client to check.

Thus, our online system aims to remove several bottlenecks and communication lapse issues. This enables us to build software that effectively helps you gain a competitive edge in the market by getting usable working software delivered in a short span of time.


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