Your Rights

You own the copyright of the project

We are a company that makes fully customized solutions, meaning we develop a particular solution while bearing in mind the requirements of a specific client. We do not attempt to make a general one-size-fits-all solution at all. We do not resell the solution that we make for you to a different client, ever. For each client, the total solution is developed according to his or her specifications, afresh.

Once we have prepared the solution for you, we install the solution in your server, and as a general rule, transfer to you the full application source code and copyright of the final solution. What this means for you is that you are free to take a solution from us and modify it in any way you want on your own at a later stage, without being dependent on us. We believe that once a project is paid for, it belongs to you, and we consider it unfair to hold components back which will stop you from working on or enhancing the product in the future, without our help.

The full source code copyright transfer, however, does not include third party libraries or components, or internal general-purpose components that are used commonly in any project to prepare the software.

For third party components, we respect the terms of the original owners, and we notify you before using any third party component, and seek your approval and adherence to their terms of use.

You own the final product

As a general rule of thumb, we follow the following principles:

We provide you with the full source code of the libraries.

We do not hand over the copyright of the libraries; they remain with us.

You may freely use and modify the libraries with our help or on your own, so long as they are used within the original solution.

You may not extract the libraries from the solution in any manner and sell or use them outside the context of the original solution.

If you would like to work with us under different terms of copyright, or would like us to sign an NDA before discussing your projects further, that's not a problem. We are open to discussion regarding this on a case by case basis.


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