Skype Introduces Background Blur Feature In Its Video Calls


Now video calls can keep you better in focus before your client or partner, with Background Blur being introduced by Skype.

The News

The Skype Team shared this news on 6-2-2019, drawing many sighs of relief from users who were embarrassed about stuff in the background while attending a call.

How To Activate It

Skype’s Background Blur is quite similar to the Microsoft Teams’. You can have your background blurred for a video call with the help of

  • Skype Settings
  • A right click
  • An ordinary toggle.

In a moment, your background can get subtly blurred, to keep the entire focus of the video on you. However, Skype also mentions that though they would be doing their best to keep the background blurred, they cannot guarantee that the background would always be blurred.

The Technology Behind It

The Artificial Intelligence Skype and Teams used is trained in the detection of the human form. Which means the AI technology is trained to focus not only on your face, but also to detect your arms, hands, and hair – allowing you to speak as naturally or animatedly as you would like to, without having to worry about whether you are still in focus or not. You can be just as relaxed during a Background Blur call as you are on any usual video call.

Where To Find It

The Background Blur facility can be available on most of the laptops and desktops that have the latest version of Skype.

How You Can Utilize It

  • For business video calls
  • For official discussions through Skype
  • During interviews
  • While in meetings

To Conclude

Although there are still many fans of the classic Skype annoyed with Microsoft for removing useful features like jumping back in conversation history, it may be a way for Microsoft to move people away from Skype Classic to Skype 8 by adding a feature which they might find pretty useful.

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