• March, 4 2023
  • by Ascentspark Software

The Big Tech AI race seems to have no end and instead is heating up with every Big Tech launching its own AI; one of the new ones in the race is Meta’s new AI language model - LLaMA

As reported, Meta implied on 24th February, 2023, that it was planning to release a new large language model for the use of researchers. It will reportedly be the main software of a new (AI) artificial intelligence system.

AI Wars and LLaMA

The mega battle to dominate the AI technology field kicked off in 2022 with the launch of Microsoft-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT, which in return, prompted tech big shots from Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) to China's Baidu Inc (9888.HK), to launch their own AI models.

Large Language Model Meta AI, Meta's LLaMA, is reported to be available under non-commercial license to researchers and entities affiliated with government, academia, and civil society.

What is LLaMA?

  • Large language models like LLaMA generate a mine of texts to summarize available information and produce content
  • They can answer you in such a way that it would appear human written
  • Meta implied that LLaMA requires "very less" computing power as compared to earlier ones
  • It is said to be trained in 20 languages with special focus on Cyrillic and Latin alphabets

More Meta!

Gil Luria, senior software analyst at D.A. Davidson said, "Meta's announcement appears to be a step in testing their generative AI capabilities so they can implement them into their products in the future.”

"Generative AI is a new application of AI that Meta has less experience with, but is clearly important for the future of their business."

AI has come into view as a good future opportunity for investments in the technology industry, whose snail-like growth has triggered layoffs like wildfire along with cutbacks on experimental bets.

Meta vouched that LLaMA could outperform competitors that examine numerous parameters or other variables that the algorithm considers. It specifically said thag a version of LLaMA with 13 billion parameters can immensely outperform GPT-3, a predecessor of ChatGPT on whose lines it is built.

Meta described its 65-billion-parameter LLaMA model as "competitive" with Google's PaLM-540B and Chinchilla70B which are even greater than the model that Google Inc. used to showcase Bard chat-powered search.


During May 2022, Meta released a large language model OPT-175B, which was  also aimed at researchers and formed the base of a new iteration for its chatbot - BlenderBot.

Meta ater introduced a model named Galactica. It could write scientific articles and solve math problems. However, Meta pulled down the demo after it gave authoritative-sounding false results.

So, will this AI war be a solution for future problems and be a helping hand for humans or fail completely? 

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