Keystone uniforms is a tactical gear supplier for multiple XY emergency and security services in California, USA.

The Challenge

  • Each base product (e.g shirt) has to be customized differently for each department (e.g narcotics squad vs k9 vs traffic control)
  • Each product has a variation in pricing based on size, color, customisations as well as to which entity (Police Department Vs Fire Department)
  • Each department has various personnel whose size details, department, rank and insignia is to be pre maintained in the system to avoid having to ask them for information at the time of purchase, and this data needs updating periodically
  • Post purchase some products need customisations like tailoring, name label printing, attaching patches etc which requires to be handled through a post purchase workflow
  • Sales and purchase data needs to be synchronized with quickbooks enterprise for accounting
  • The products are not billed to, or paid for by the personnel but is billed to the departments account as per the departments billing schedule

The Challenge

Fully customized solution using Laravel PHP framework for backend and Angular 2 as front end UI framework containing following modules

  • warehouse management e Back order management
  • Inventory management e Sales order management
  • Stock transfer
  • Purchase order management
  • Procurement
  • Invoicing
  • Receiving, scanning to inventory using
  • PoS sales qr code

The Results

1.36 million total value in sales between Jan - Dec 2019.